We Love our Work

But it’s not all we love, and we imagine it’s the same for you.

It’s exactly this attitude that got us – that’s Chris and Jon – thinking about creating Closed Sundays. Having met back in 2010 whilst nestled in the warm bosom of agency employment, we soon bonded over our mutual sense of humour and love of corned beef sandwiches, being fellow Brummies and all.

With over 15 years of experience in retail design and build, we really know what we’re doing. So when it got to the point we realised together we could be doing things differently, the idea of going it alone was a no brainer. We kissed goodbye to the daily grind in 2014, and welcomed work we are proud of with open arms.

So what should you expect from Closed Sundays? For starters, you know exactly who you’re going to be working with. Chris and Jon. Whenever you deal with Closed Sundays, you deal with us. We get to know you and what you want for your brand, no matter how often that vision might change along the way. The result is a focused and consistent collaboration between your needs, and our delivery. It’s incredible how much confusion you can avoid by leaving out the middle man. And as you may have guessed, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Like most things in design, beauty is in the subtleties and subtleties are our speciality.

So here we are. Two guys with years of experience, a passion for creative retail design, meticulous attention to detail, and a precious day off every week.

We are Closed Sundays.

What we do

We design, build and install (or deliver, if that’s what’s required).

Our services can be tailored to suit your needs; meaning you get exactly what you want for your money and market needs. We reach out to an international supply chain, employing the very best people across a broad range of skills: print, carpentry, metalwork, plastics, the weird and the wonderful.

This approach has led to many successful projects and has won us the trust of several major brands and retailers.

Our services include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Store Interiors
  • Shop-in-Shop Areas
  • Window Displays
  • Semi Permanent Point of Sale
  • Workplace Interiors
  • Brand Showrooms
  • Trade Show Stands
  • Retail Guidelines


  • Dr Martens
  • Lacoste
  • Ariat
  • Merrell
  • Stance
  • Poler Stuff
  • Boxfresh
  • Replay
  • Canterbury